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MY NAME IS ROSANNA (like banana)

I'm a wife, a mom and a Jack-of-All-Trades.


I grew up as the oldest of five children, and was a lot like a second mother to my siblings. I'm used to managing chaos-- heck, I started doing the family grocery shopping when I was 15 yrs old, and was the family taxi the minute I earned my drivers license.


As a high school student, I worked at the gift wrap counter at Foley's, and LOVED it. Yeah, Foley's-- I'm showing my age.


Eventually, I worked as a "career" Admin and Office Manager before hanging up my hat to become a stay-at-home-mom.

My  2 kids are just 17 months apart, and there were so many times when they were little that I had errands to run, but would rather have stabbed my eyes out than take them out for 3 hours, in-and-out of the car. Other times, it was a pukey kid and the prescription at the pharmacy was ready but I wasn't willing to risk puke in the car. You get the idea-- I needed a clone.


Why am I telling you all this? Because all these things came together to prepare me for this role: A mom-clone. A wife's wife. Personal Concierge.  Personal Assistant-for-hire. Whatever you call my role, it brings me pure joy to hear a client say, "Thank you-- I couldn't have done this without you," or "I feel like I can breathe now!"


When I'm not working, I enjoy sewing, baking, British drama and organizing my mother's closets behind her back. 


I'm married to Dan, and have a son, David, and daughter, Annie. We've lived in the Memorial area of Houston for 13 years now and love our life here!